We started because you needed us

We started with PLAT-DEL brand to offer affordable lunch meal delivery service which saw us connect small kitchens/restaurants to consumers and supply lunch meals to the capital’s working class. 

We also developed an integrated web system that seeks to connect farmers directly to consumers with a facilitated delivery structure, Geo-location mapping and a country-wide farmer’s database module.

Our consumer have ease to buy fresh farm produces on
our system, we  clean, package and deliver door-door
for all our consumers.

Our purpose is to establish a state-of-the-art logistical
company that will be able to meet the needs of the
growing E-commerce food industry in Kenya and
revolutionize it by the introduction of ICT to the market,
creating value,
convenience and efficiency.




February 2020


The idea of the company formed when a friend jetted back into the country from Japan with an unlikely connection to  Avocado need. We found the strands requested but realized we were challenged in logistics. Covid 19 hit the country on March 13th, 2020 and another challenge of access to meals and groceries was eminent.

With a lockdown imposed on citizens, movements of goods and farm produce were hindered. Even though it was classified as an essential service, few individuals controlled the market which influenced the prices which in many instances may obstruct the efficiency of movements and even acquisition of goods and services.

We wanted to connect you directly to the service providers as well as get you to buy directly from the farmers on farm prices while utilizing the existing structures and logistical assets. We are succeeding because you believe in us.

April 6, 2020

Business Formation

We registered TransNorth Premium Logistics on BN-MXCM9MLP to meet the needs in bridging the farm produce market gap. We sought to connect consumers with affordable access to farm produces from kinds of seafood to exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, grains and many more through an integrated system with a delivery structure.

July 17, 2020

Platdel formed

We formed www.platdel.com to test the system structure of the main operations. Plat-Del sought to connect small and medium kitchen and restaurant directly to meal consumers in Nairobi.

We initially partnered with Envoiyer Kitchen in preparations of the meals and Go-Deliveries in delivery of the meals.

Our success in operations was accelerated and we acquired our first motorcycle asset through Watu credits. We later on adjusted the system to a multi-vendor which saw us serve close to 30 clients an hour. We have since served thousands of clients.

Coming Soon

Full system Automation

We are currently automating the entire system to offer you a seamless experience of country-wide logistics.

You will be able to access Meals, Farm produces, Pharmaceutics, Move parcels/goods, and more under one roof. 

Grow with us.  TNL, Conveniently moving with you!